Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's Happening Now?

Lots of adoption stuff going on in the past few days:
  • had our documents certified by the Secretary of State on 9/20

  • sent our documents to the courier in Chicago via FedEx on 9/20

  • confirmation e-mail that our documents had been submitted to the consulate on 9/24

  • fingerprinted by the USCIS on 9/25

So, now we continue waiting! We're waiting for the documents to be returned to us from the consulate in Chicago and we are waiting for our I-171h from the USCIS. Our adoption coordinator is going to Guatemala during the third week of October and is planning on taking our dossier with her when she goes. A referral should hopefully come soon after our dossier gets to Guatemala!

Please be praying for us and for the baby girl that God has chosen for us!

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