Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Fun!

Last week was a long birthday week for Miranda! On her actual birthday (Wednesday) we went to her friend Jayden's house and played. Jayden's mom took some pictures, so when I get those, I'll post some. Wednesday night, the boys and Matt and I celebrated with Miranda. She got a new toy and a few cards from the grandmas and grandpas and great-grandmas.
On Sunday after church, Matt's parents and brother came over for the afternoon. After a nice chili lunch, watching football, and sleeping in the basement, we all did (more) cupcakes for Miranda and then Matt's brother Greg took some pictures for us of Miranda. There are a ton of great pics, but here's just a few:


Armstrong's said...

Miranda is getting so big! Looks like the birthday was fun :).

Alex and Sam said...

happy birthday sweet miranda... I love the pics that your brother in law took!!!


Becky said...

LOVE the double pig tail look! Happy Birthday Miranda! Let us know if you are headed to IL, MN or FL any time this year. . . .We need to hug that sweet heart of yours!