Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Haircut

Today I took Miranda to my "stylist" for a haircut. Ok..., if you know me at all, you know the thought of me having a stylist is kind of amusing. Really, it is is my friend Amy from church who does a great job with my hair 4-5 times a year which is the most I can make it in to see her.

Miranda's hair is beautiful, but was pretty uneven in the back, as we have never had it cut. This was her very first haircut! Thanks to Amy and also to Elizabeth for letting me borrow her camera--I was on my way to the salon and realized I didn't have my camera--PANIC!!! Elizabeth's house was (kind of) on the way and she let me borrow hers.

The back of her hair, post-cut. It is so much more even now.Ta-Da! The view from the front.

Miranda was a trooper this whole day. She has been doing great since she got her ear tubes in February. Today, though, she woke up with yucky goo coming from both of her ears. Thankfully, the goo is draining because of the ear tubes. Pre-ear tubes, she would have gotten a raging ear infection and fever and been in tons of pain. Now, with the ear tubes in, we just have to do antibiotic ear drops for 10 days.

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