Monday, November 12, 2007

Cute girl clothes and Halloween

Our adoption coordinator is going to Guatemala tomorrrow and will be taking our Power of Attorney with her. This is the document that can get the ball rolling and we will hopefully have our DNA test done in the next few weeks. Anne is also taking down a few things for the baby that I have bought over the past few days...I just couldn't help myself! I also sent down a few clothing items that Mitchell or Max wore when they were infants. I thought it would be cute to get pictures of this baby wearing the same clothes that they wore. Here's a picture of what I sent this time. I mostly sent newborn-sized clothes, since she's so tiny. I have 0-3 month clothes that I'll send with our adoption coordinator next month. She will be seeing our baby this week in Guatemala and her foster mother and told me that she will bring us back a lot of pictures!

I have finally gotten around to downloading pictures, so here are some pictures from Halloween. Some friends from church had a party and we took the boys and had lots of fun. Trick or Treating, Cupcake decorating, Pumpkin Carving, lots and lots of good food and candy! The boys decided to be Ninjas this year. They had fun with Matt, going online and downloading "Ninja moves."

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Max was nippin at the brown bottle on the table more than on the cupcakes. :)