Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Truth

So, Mitchell's school is having Reading Week this week, with lots of special reading activities. One of the activities included "Wear a book day" The kids had a piece of paper shaped like a book cover. They had to write the title and description of their favorite book and then it had holes in it with string and they wore it around their neck. Last year, I think he did a "Magic Tree House" book, but this year he did the Bible! Here's what his book cover says:
Like 5,000 years there was this guy named Jesus
He had 12 followers.
They were matthew, mark, luke, john, judes, moses, paul.
While some of the facts are a bit off, I am so proud of him! Here's a picture, though you may not be able to see the detail.

Those of you who go to Rooftop will remember that while in college, Matt labeled his Bible with the words THE TRUTH on the cover. He talked about it in one of his sermons a few weeks ago...I guess Mitchell was listening!


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Just didn't want you to miss my answer to your question on the other blog.

Yes, the Children's museum is PERFECT for that age!!

(& cheap, by American standards, but VERY nice, IMO)