Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cute Little Boy Conversation

Tonight I overheard this conversation between Mitchell and Max:
Mitchell: "I'm going to write a story about travelling around the world. Where should I go?"
Max: "Hell" (Yes, he really said this!)
Mitchell: "Hell isn't a place on earth."
Max: "Pizza Hut!"
Mitchell: "No, I mean like a country...like Paris or South America."

No adoption news to post. Waiting to hear from our adoption coordinator about when the DNA test will be scheduled. In case you don't remember, the DNA test is a U.S. embassy requirement...DNA is taken from Miranda and her birth mother to prove that the birth mother didn't steal a baby and is fraudulently trying to give the baby up for adoption. If you have read any negative articles about babies being stolen from birth mothers in Guatemala, I can say that IF these stories are true, then the babies aren't being adopted by U.S. families. The U.S. is the only country with a DNA requirement...I believe.

Of course I'll post again when I hear any news.

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