Monday, January 28, 2008

Election thoughts from Mitchell

Today in the car, Mitchell had a lot to say about the upcoming election. At this time I'm not going to share any of Matt and my thoughts about candidates, but I thought you'd be interested in what Mitchell had to say! As you read, you may wonder if I am making any of this me...this all came from the mouth of my 7-year old son!

Mitchell: Mom, I've decided I'm a democrat. I believe in their rules and stuff.
Mom: That's interesting. What is it about the democrats that you like so much?
Mitchell: The democrats think that the government should help poor people. It's good to help poor people. I think if the government helped poor people, we would have more peace in the world.
Mom: That's very interesting.
Mitchell: Mom, I think I've decided who I want to win the election. John...John...John...not McCain...John Edwards.
Mom: That's interesting. Why do you like John Edwards and not Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton?
Mitchell: I don't know that much about Barak Obama and all Hillary Clinton talks about is healthcare. John Edwards is a good speaker. I think the president should have to be a good speaker.
Mom: That's very interesting, Mitchell.
Mitchell: Mom, I think I know why Mitt Romney is beating John McCain.
Mom: Really? Why is he beating him?
Mitchell: You see, mom, John McCain was a soldier and they don't make a lot of money. Mitt Romney is a businessman and he's made lots of money. You need lots of money to run ads and comercials and stuff.

This whole conversation took place after we had been at Washington University where Mitchell is participating in a brain MRI study. One of the incentives for him is that they gave him a picture of his brain---totally cool for a 7-year old. So you can see where all these thoughts are coming from, here's a pic of Mitchell's brain. I can just picture all those neurons and synapses firing away...


Katie said...

im saddened and embarrassed to admit that it sounds like mitchell has a better grasp on the elections than i do.

Anonymous said...

As we are surrounded with non-stop election coverage it is so refreshing to get Mitchell's perspective on things! Very cool image of Mitchell's brain, thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

Dula said...

That's my grandson! Tell Mitchell I was moved to tears by John Edwards speech withdrawing from the 'contest'. And tell him I think he has a awesome brain and a beautiful heart.