Monday, January 7, 2008

Maybe an update this week?

Anne, our adoption coordinator, told me that we should get an update "early this week." Of course, I was hoping maybe "early this week" meant today and I have been stalking my e-mail! Unfortunately, today was not the day. Please continue to pray for the adoption situation in Guatemala. We should hear in the next few days how the new laws are going to affect in-process cases like us. And keep praying for pre-approval from the U.S.embassy--we are on day 26 of our wait for pre-approval. There haven't been a lot of pre-approvals posted on the various internet support forums that I belong to, so we need to pray that the embassy opens the floodgates and gets those pre-approvals out!

Since I don't have any news or cute Miranda pics, here are a few pictures from our New Year's Eve festivities. We went to a bowling party sponsored by our church. I made the boys take a nap (of course, I took one too!) and they both stayed up until 12:30am! And they bowled the entire evening!

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