Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hodge Podge

Today was our church's annual Hodge Podge. It is an event put on by our women's commitee. In essence, it is a big garage sale where everything is FREE! People bring their garage sale type-stuff to the church and it is all displayed by category-clothes, kitchen, electronics, decor, toys, etc. Everyone gets post-it notes and if you would like an item, then you write your name on a post-it and place it on the item. If more than one person wants a particular item, then there is a drawing for the winner. It is a lot of fun and I always find great stuff! Here's what I brought home this year:There's a crib bedding for Miranda's room. I had thought about using the boys' denim crib set and just sewing on some rick-rack or something girly, but I found this set at the Hodge Podge and really like it! Matt says he'll probably paint her room yellow if I use this bedding. Let me know what you think about this set. I've heard that I'll have lots of pink stuff for Miranda, so it might be nice if her room WASN'T pink!I also got a bunch of neat books for Mitchell--a series called "The Adventures of Wishbone," some small toys for Miranda, and a Living Bible. Grandma--this is for you! Remember, I told you this might be an easier version of the Bible to read?

Finally, I got Miranda this cool toy. It's an activity table for when she's a bit older.

I think I did pretty well at the Hodge Podge! The one item that is not pictured is the Atari Flashback that I won (it was a hot item!). It looks a lot like the old Atari system from when Matt and I were young...has the same controllers. BUT--this system is newer (kind of a nostalgia-like thing) and has all of the old Atari games loaded onto it. Probably onto a microchip smaller than my pinky fingernail. (Remember how big and clunky those old games were?). The boys and Matt and I have had fun this afternoon playing Asteroids, Pitfall, Adventure, and other games.

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Anonymous said...

hello, herndons!

at the risk of being a downer (especially when i really think the hodge podge decor for miranda's room is adorable) i must chime in to say that i read somewhere (maybe psychology today?) that yellow is supposed to be a stressful color for a baby. i think it specified bright yellow, so maybe you could go with a soft, pastel yellow and use darker yellow accents to bring out the color in her bumper? just a thought. ; ) i'm so happy for you both, by the way. can't wait to meet her.