Friday, January 11, 2008


Nope, nothing...zilch, nada, cero, zero...can't think of anymore words right now. No word regarding Miranda this week. I keep telling has been less than a month since our last patient. I am wanting to buy some cute girl clothes and borrow some from friends to take down for our visit trip, so I am really needing to know how big she is! I was looking at a website today: It is a site owned by the mother of a friend at work. I may have to convice Matt, but I feel like I just HAVE to buy her a headband with some bows! It has been a long wait for me to buy girly things!
Anyway...I have been keeping busy. I have two baby showers coming up, so I got the sewing machine out of the closet and have kept busy being creative.
Please pray for patience for us as we wait for an update. Please pray for Miranda and her safety and health. Please pray for our case...that God would continue to guide us through this process to bring home our daughter!

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