Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2nd Reviewer

I spent about 30 minutes and $20 yesterday on the phone trying to call PGN. After being hung up on a few times and transferred to extensions that didn't work, I finally reached an English-speaking employee at PGN. This employee fields most of the questions from English-speaking families with questions about their cases. She has a computer and can type in your case number and tell you where your case is: first reviewer, second reviewer, "on the director's desk," has received a previo, or has been approved. Only occasionally has she been known to not have the most up to date information. MANY adopting parents call her once a week to check on their file. Sometimes the parents will know more about their file than their agency or their attorney! (By the way, it is my understanding that the "reviewers" are actually attornies.)
So, the word from Laura (the employee at PGN) was that our case is with the 2nd reviewer and has been on the desk of the 2nd reviewer since 3/11. The first reviewer does a quick check of documents and then passes the case on to the 2nd reviewer, who does a more thorough check. The 2nd reviewer then either approves the case or issues a previo or multiple previos for missing documents or errors on documents. All of the files then go to the director's desk for signature--approved cases AND cases being kicked out have to get his signature.
Here's one of the insane things about PGN, though...there are anywhere from 3-5 2nd reviewers (I think there are 12 first reviewers...and only one director--Sr. Barrios). Each reviewer has different requirements that they like to have in files...one of them insists that the adopting parents have a specific kind of notarized and certified letter, while another reviewer doesn't care if that letter is in the file or not. There really is no rhyme or reason to the whole process.
In the past, cases could stay on the 2nd reviewers desk for 6+ weeks. There is no telling how long we could be there now. PGN is closed for the rest of the week for Easter, but after than, anything could happen...we could find out we are OUT at any time...we could find out that the 2nd reviewer has issued another previo at any time...The timing is completely up in the air. There are people whose cases were submitted to PGN before us who are OUT and some who are still in PGN.
It is kind of mind-boggling to think that there are around 12 first reviewers, 3-5 second reviewers and one director for THOUSANDS OF CASES!!! No wonder it can take so long!
Please keep praying. We would love to hear news in the next few weeks that Miranda is OUT of PGN!! That is our prayer.


Alex and Sam said...

I am praying that you are out real soon!!!! maybe we'll be picking up together..


Anonymous said...

i excitedly check your blog daily in hopes of an update. Thanks for 'splainin' how PGN works. What a process! Kisses, hugs and prayers to you all : )

Anonymous said...

Very intersting. You are quite the PGN expert...thanks for sharing the info. I feel like I am pretty informed, but this was new---so THX!

Jimmy Armstrong

Anonymous said...

this IS mind-boggling!! you're a champ for staying up with everything and not just giving up and waiting for someone to call you with whatever news. i think that's what i'd be doing at this point. or eating dog food from a can while staring off into the distance...whatever. random side note: if you guys ever need anything notarized, i'm a notary.