Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mitchell!

Today is Mitchell's 8th birthday! This picture is from last night at the Science Fair, where Mitchell received a blue ribbon. His project was about the different ways to find North and which way is the most accurate. He and Matt had a lot of fun working on the project.

Today we are celebrating Mitchell's birthday by going out to breakfast with Matt's parents and then having my parents over for dinner tonight. Mitchell has requested steak and baked potatos for dinner! His birthday party is tomorrow at the local bowling alley and 12 of his friends will be joining him. I'll post pictures of that later this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mitchell - (belated) hope you had a great celebration. Glad to hear your a reader, that's a good thing. You must teach your sister to read as good as you do. Hope Miranda comes home soon, my little Rachel will be home (New Jersey) very soon.

Say "Hello" to your mom and dad for me.

Josephine (Alex's mom)