Monday, March 10, 2008

New Measurements

Today we received Miranda's measurements from her doctor's appointment on 2/29. The facilitator in Guatemala also said "the doctor said if the family can call him, because she is excelent," which I am taking to mean she's healthy and the doctor would be willing to talk to us. I tried to call the doctor today, but he said he was with patients and could I please call back tomorrow at 9am. This doctor, Dr. Sidney Hagan, is a pediatrician who was trained in the U.S. He is on staff as one of the U.S. embassy pediatricians in Guatemala City and also has a private practice. I'll post more after I talk to him tomorrow!
Miranda's measurements as of 2/29/08:
weight: 14.4 lb. (55%)
length: 24.6 inches (26%)
head circumference: 16.1 inches (35%)


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

I just found your blog from Katie Mohr's.....Miranda is SO CUTE!!!! My hubby and I are adopting from Guatemala....praying you get out of PGN quickly!!!

Lindsey Wheeler

Candy said...

That was Kya's DR...he is really nice and I hope to be seeing HIM REALLY soon for Jaggers LAST appointment. HUGS