Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home tomorrow!

I'm using Matt's computer, so sorry...no pictures. Today was a relaxing day. We just hung out at the pool and then I went to the U.S. Embassy with our facilitator to pick up Miranda's visa. There is a big huge envelope that is sealed that we are NOT SUPPOSED TO OPEN!!! We have to carry it with us and give it to the person at customs. Hopefully, immigration will go smoothly in Houston.

Tonight, we went to dinner with our facilitator and attorney at a nice steak restaurant close to the hotel. I was a bit worried about Miranda being off schedule, but she did well and seems to have gone to sleep (for now).

Looking forward to seeing everyone!! Please call us once we are home. We'd love visitors, though probably not a lot at once. We don't want to overwhelm Miranda too much. And please don't be offended if we don't let a lot of people hold Miranda for a while. We want to do whatever we can to help her adjust to a new environment as well as bond with us. This means that we probably won't let anyone besides close family hold her and that Matt and/or I will be doing most of her feeding, bathing, etc for the first few weeks home.
See you all soon!!


Anonymous said...

Your journey is almost over, yet it has only just begun! Have a safe journey home and I hope that you have an easy time getting Miranda used to her new home. I will be thinking of you guys always! I hope you continue posting on your blog as I have so much enjoyed reading it daily! Much love to you all!
Love, Cousin Dawn

Becky said...

I am praying right now for safety and ease in travel. Praying that the boys with be fabulous travelers and that Miranda will enjoy the trip as well as sleep a bit for you. We will be in St. Louis July 18-20. We cannot wait to see you all!!

Alex and Sam said...


hopefully customs will be a breeze for you guys too!! we were in the room about 10 minutes & the guy couldnt have been nicer

have a safe trip


Thrashes Rakes said...

Great to hear that everything went smoothly! Whatever is in that large secret envelope of yours? :)

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