Sunday, May 4, 2008

Leaving Antigua

Today we are leaving Antigua at 12:00 to head to the Westin in Guatemala City. We had a good day yesterday, going to different markets and having lunch with our friends Jimmy and Emily Armstrong and their son, Samuel.
Mitchell and Matt had a nice morning reading on the roof of the hotel.
Miranda loves looking at herself in the mirror.

One of the markets we went to in Antigua. Just imagine...lots of people yelling, "Hey lady, good price, you like? you buy?" and me constantly saying, "No, Gracias" over and over. Our last ride in a Tuk-Tuk. For 10 quetzales (about $1.30) these drivers will take you all over Antigua. Very helpful when coming back from the grocery store or when the boys are especially whiny.
This is us with Maya, the daughter of another guest in the hotel. She and her mom, Susan, have been here for over 2 weeks. They are hoping to have their embassy appointment in the next few weeks.
Here are our new friends, Neena and Shreesh, packing up their car. The whole time we've been in Guatemala, Matt has been searching for a new hat. Right as Neena and Shreesh were packing up, Shreesh asked, "Do you wear hats?" (Those of you who know Matt well know what a funny question that is!!) Then, Shreesh gave Matt one of their "A Long Drive" hats!! Rooftoppers....I imagine you'll be seeing this hat soon


Alex and Sam said...

back to the westin... the pool i'm guessing LOL.. I cant wait to read all about your embassy ..

when u get a chance, send me your address. I want to send you Rachels announcement


Armstrong's said...

Enjoy your last days in Guatemala! It was good to have lunch with you guys :)