Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Love Our Neighbors

So, last night was supposed to be a "neighborhood BBQ." Some neighbors down the street (all our kids are in kindergarten together) organized it and we were all supposed to bring our own meat to grill, bring a side dish, etc...typical BBQ stuff, right? was a surprise baby shower for Miranda!! Deep down I have always desired some kind of surprise party in my life, but have never one...well, last night I was totally surprised! I can't believe that the secret didn't get out!! We had a lot of fun--we all get a long great--and we got a few more cute things for Miranda!

Miranda was the center of attention with all the little girls in the neighborhood. She was very content for the night...lots of attention. She stayed up until 8pm, I fed her, then she slept all night until 7am!! Yay!


Alex and Sam said...

arent friends the best.... so glad you were surprised... i'm sure Miranda got lots of great things

say hello to the boys


Unknown said...

Michele - I think that it's fantastic your neighborhood threw you a surprise shower. More than anything, it speaks so much of the intentional relationships you,Matt and the boys have built with your neighbors. I was really encouraged reading this blog post - I think more than anything because God is so intentional about the neighborhoods He places us in, and you all are obviously being salt and light exactly where you are.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful of your neighbors to do that for you and Miranda!!! It looks like you got lots of great stuff and she was showered with attention! How fun! By the way, Miranda is so beautiful!

One Busy Momma said...

You have such wonderful neighbors!!!
That is sooo great of them to welcome your daughter in this way!!