Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're home!

We arrived home last night at around 9:30pm after a very long day! The flights went ok, except for Miranda having diarrhea twice! Ugh. That was no fun. Had to throw away an outfit and a blanket, but otherwise no major problems. She seemed fine and didn't act out of sorts at all. She slept most of both of the flights.

Matt's parents picked us up at the airport and when we got home there were so many surprises! Beautiful, colorful signs in the yard and in our living room, flowers and food at our doorstep, food in our freezer, cute gifts from friends...It was all such a great welcome home! Matt did a great job on Miranda's room--I'll try to post some pictures later today.

Miranda slept all night and woke up happy around 7:30am. The boys are going to go to school this afternoon and I'll be here unpacking and doing laundry! Back to real life.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Travelers! Looking forward to seeing you all again and meeting Miss Miranda!

Carrianne Photography said...

Michele...I have tears in my eyes! Its so nice to have good friends to share in your excitement. I also have tears in my eyes...can you believe it - you just said 'back to real life'...but real life is now being a mom of a 6 month old! Crazy that just a week didn't have her...and now I am sure you can't imagine life without her!! Have FUN!

Greg and Felicia Huff said...

Miranda, Welcome home! Congratulations on your homecoming! God Bless!

The Huffs, (Have adopted and are again adopting adopting from Guatemala)

Alex and Sam said...

so glad you are home safe & sound... you know that was my biggest fear that rachel would have a poop attack on the plane
cant wait to see pics


Thrashes Rakes said...

Woo, hoo! Sounds like the flight home was not fun, but now you get to enjoy your beautiful baby!

Shreesh Taskar | A Long Drive

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy for you guys. welcome home!