Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Pictures

(Yes--I can sit up all by myself now!!)

Hi everyone. I'm finally taking the time to sit down and create a new post! Miranda is doing great. Went to the pediatrician's office on Friday and Dr. Irvine said she looks great. She's sitting up really well on her own now and doing really well eating from a spoon. So far, she's had rice cereal, oatmeal, squash, carrots, and sweet potatos! She is taking an hour nap in the mornings and a 1.5-2 hour nap in the afternoons. She takes a bath and goes to bed around 7pm and has been waking up to eat between 3 and 4am. Obviously, this is something I'm hoping she'll grow out of soon!

Miranda is a very happy little girl. Lots of smiles and laughs. I think that she is bonding to Matt and I--she seems to have a brighter smile for us and for Mitchell and Max than for others. Though, really, at this point, she'll laugh and smile with almost anyone. Being home has been good for her developmentally, because with the carpeted floor that I vacuum at least once a day, I can let her explore the floor without hesitation. Our hotel in Antigua didn't have carpet, so I would just put her on the floor on a blanket--this didn't give her much room to roll! So, here she is rolling all over the floor and doing GREAT sitting up.

Here are a few photos for you. Papa John came to visit yesterday (didn't get any pictures) and Grandma and Grandpa Herndon and Uncle Greg came today. Matt's mom always makes a quilt for each grandchild and she brought Miranda's today. It is GORGEOUS---I love it! The picture above is Miranda sitting on her new quilt.
Some new pictures of the room. The small square pictures below each have a picture from Antigua, where we lived for 2 weeks. The larger photos above her crib are Miranda with me, Matt, Mitchell, and Max. Matt also put the shelf up with the stuffed animals and bought the totally cool lamp that I just love! Great job Matt!! The room is almost complete...we're just waiting for curtains and the cushions for the rocking chair!
When we were taking pictures of Miranda and her new quilt, we had to get out the boys' quilts that their Grandma made them and take a picture of everyone! Their quilts are a bit more tattered...or should I say "well-loved" (and washed lots and lots of times!)


Alex and Sam said...

glad to hear miranda is doing so well... lve the pic with her & the boys on the floor.. they love their baby sister


Anonymous said...

Wow Matt, the room looks great. Great shelf, great pictures. I can tell you tried to paint the picture frames with colors from the crib sheets. It's hard to see, but I can tell you really tried to coordinate well. Good job.

Miranda looks very nice and happy, too.


Domestic Goddess PhD said...

I had to laugh at Miranda's schedule - its eerily similar to Cedric's! Glad to see you guys settling in. My milk offer is still on the table - let me know if you're still interested and I'll bring some by.

-Laura W