Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Pics

We had a good weekend with Matt's family and some church friends out in Augusta. It was very relaxing. Unfortunately, it rained a lot, but it cleared up yesterday afternoon and Matt and our friend Ken took the kids out on the canoe.

On Saturday, our church had an event at a local place with go-karts. The kids had a great time and Mitchell was disapointed that he wasn't tall enough to drive the big karts by himself.

Last week my grandma came to visit. She said she just couldn't wait to see Miranda...which made me really happy! We had a nice visit.

Our friend Gloria gave Miranda this cute outfit, so I had to take a picture!

Miranda has her appointment on Wednesday at the International Adopton Clinic at St. Louis Children's Hospital. I'm dreading her having to get blood drawn!! Even though I do it all the time at work to kids, it's different when it is your own child. I'll report back after the appointment.

Wednesday night is also the shower at the church for Miranda. I'll try to get lots of pictures!


Alex and Sam said...

u guys look like u had a blast...always love to see new pics


Becky said...

Looks like a great weekend. Though she is beautiful in everything, I love Miranda in blue!! Maybe it is just the bias of a mom with 3 boys. . . .

Armstrong's said...

Great pictures! Looks like Miranda is settling in well and very happy with you guys :)

Anonymous said...

Miranda is a doll! So glad she is adjusting beautifully! I love her in the pink and orange dress...great colors on her! Great pictures!