Monday, April 21, 2008

Another day in Antigua

Today, we ventured out a bit more into Antigua. The boys and I dropped off laundry with Lily, who is just around the block. Then, we went to a small store to "reserve a chicken." Yes, that's what I said. They have a rotisserie-style oven and people go early in the morning to reserve their chicken. We are going in a bit to pick it up and will have it with rice and broccoli for dinner!

For lunch, we met a few other adopting families and their children at a local restaurant.

Mom--Mitchell took some more pictures of our courtyard especially for you.

Herndon/Bernekings--we miss you!! Hope you're having a great time in August at the golf weekend. Take care of Matt for me!

Mitchell has been an awesome he's making lunch for all of us--PB&J's.

This girl LOVES her toes!Here she is in the Moby wrap again. As you can see, I actually took a shower this morning. Future note: hairspray and make-up are not really necessary to pack, as I haven't used them at all.Typical stret in Antigua. I'm constantly reminding the boys to watch out so they don't get killed by a crazy driver and to make sure they don't twist their ankle on the cobblestone streets!


Anonymous said...

Is the Moby wrap a Guatemalan thing or is it something new here in the U.S.? The twins would love something like that! One at a time, of course! You all look so happy! It's the highlight of my day to read your postings! Much love and safe journey home! Seriously, let me know about the wrap thing!
Love, Cousin Dawn

Dula said...

Mitchell, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and for thinking of me.
What a wonderful experience this is for you all. Moments and days to be treasured now and treasured again later as precious memories.
I know you can't wait for Matt to join you and I know Matt is counting the days.
Having the opportunity to live in another country and culture is indeed a blessing, isn't it?
Much love,
Mom/Gramma Donna

Katie said...

So many memories! Those chickens are SO GOOD! We used to buy them all the time! If you haven't gotten coffee at &Cafe yet, head there ASAP!!! I miss it so bad! Soak it all up for me!

Anonymous said...


I am so happy for you and your family. I am tearing up just looking at you guys. Congratulations! Can't wait to see her in person. We already miss you at work. Enjoy every moment, you will never forget any of this.


Anonymous said...

Michele...While you were diligently looking after our family in the tropics of Guatemala, I took the day to play golf with some family here in St. Louis. Brian and I scored an 8 over par, which was good enough to earn us second place. (Normally we finish third or fourth.) Thank you for watching over our family while I was relaxing on the golf course. I'm going to go eat steaks and drink beer right now. After that we're going to watch a movie and play cards. I'll probably sleep in tomorrow after a long hot bath and clean water. The bed my mom has me sleeping on is a bit uncomfortable, but I don't want to be one to complain. It could be worse.

Love, Miranda's Dad