Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 28-Monday

Yesterday I think I told you about Shreesh and Neena (maybe I didn't...I can't remember), our new friends at our hotel. Anyway, they are travelling all throughout North and South America and are driving the entire way. They have been as far as the Arctic Circle and are now headed south. They are chronicling their journeys on their blog and have given me permission to link you to it:

Check it out! They are both computer people professionally, so their blog is really the post about the mezcal in Mexico. This is a liquor that is made from the agave plant--Shreesh told me it is similar to Tequila. Anyway, tonight we shared one of their own drink creations--the "alacranes," with mezcal, lime, salt, and I can't remember what else. It was very good...Kind of a lemon/lime-aid with a "kick." Here are Shreesh and Neena with the alacranes...
Today we mostly stayed around the hotel, dropped off laundry, picked up laundry, walked to the store, and spent a few hours this afternoon at a local playground with a friend from Truman who is adopting her son from Guatemala and is also living in Antigua. One of her housemates and her son also joined us. It was very nice for the boys to have some room to run around. The lavanderia is just around the corner and Lily does our laundry for around $9. It comes back all nicely folded in a bag. Can anyone relate when I say it really is a glorious feeling to open up the nice, clean laundry already folded and ready to put away?

And now, leaving you with a cute photo of Miranda.


The Weissler's said...

I have never seen such a well dressed little girl. Her outfit is complete from head to toe! I love it!!


Anonymous said...

Gray & Aiden & Melia say that they love your pictures that you send to us. They also think McDonalds in Guatemala is cool. Gray wants Mitchell to know that next week he's going on a field trip to a butterfly farm. Aiden wants to tell Max that he signed up for t-ball this summer. Melia says she's going to Disney World (hmmmm...funny...she's not).

aiden melia and gray say they love your family and we love how your baby looks

gray says I can't wait to see you guys this summer and go inner tubing with mitchell

melia says I hope aiden likes max all the time, that's what I said

Steph says did you hear about Jeff & Emily's engagement? Very cute! Greg documented it with the camera...of course. It looked really neat.

Love to you all (even the stateside one)...can't wait to meet Miranda this summer!


Becky said...

I absolutely LOVE the bows (and Butterflies) on Miranda's shoes!!

Dula said...

What an adorable picture of Miranda!
I am so pleased you do not have to do the laundry. Hurray.
I miss you all.
Mom/Gramma Donna