Monday, April 7, 2008

The room and the boys' new (old) toy

If you've been wondering, here's Matt painting Miranda's room. The color is a bit brighter than we were wanting, but it's on the wall and paid for, so we're going to make do!

Last Tuesday night after small group, our friend's Dan and Michelle brought in the box seen below for the boys. This had been in their attic for at least 10 years (Dan's sons are in their late teens now). Matt swore that we were going to wait to set it up until AFTER our houseguest moved out of the basement, because he didn't want it to take up the whole living room. Well, that lasted about two days and it is now, indeed, set up in the living room. The boys love it and had all the neighborhood kids over this weekend to play. The last picture is Mitchell playing it with a neighborhood friend.

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