Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Big Thank-You Post

I've been composing this post in my head now for weeks. Over the past days, weeks, and months so many people have helped us out along our adoption journey. It really is humbling to see the love that has been poured out on us by our family and friends! I am so thankful for everyone and below is just a summary of things that Matt and I are grateful for.
  • so many people praying for us
  • helping us out with $ for the adoption
  • giving us adorable gifts for Miranda
  • giving us gently used girl clothes for Miranda that are sooo cute
  • helping watch our boys
  • calling and sending encouraging notes to us
  • lending us stuff for our trip, like books and a laptop and a laundry hamper and DVD's and CD's
  • buying us a new set of luggage
  • buying the boys fun activities and toys for the trip
  • driving us to the airport at the crack of dawn
  • picking us up from the airport
  • having a "Herndon family of 4-no more" party for us
  • giving baby advice
  • being so totally excited for us
  • AND leaving us comments on our blog!! I love comments!!


The Weissler's said...

Have a wonderful trip with the boys. I can't wait until you get home so I can meet Miranda. I will bring you guys dinner, so I have another excuset to come over!


Carrianne Photography said...

Have a wonderful time...can't wait to the updated posts fro Guatamala!!