Saturday, April 12, 2008

The countdown continues

We leave in 9 days! There has been a change in plans regarding where we are going to stay in Antigua. We are now staying at a place called Posada La Merced. Here is their website:

A friend from college is living in Antigua fostering her son and she went to visit Posada La Merced for us and took a few photos. We will have a two bedroom suite---one room has a double bed and one room has a twin bed. We have use of the shared kitchen in the hotel. This place is much more family-friendly than the other inn where we were planning to stay. Here are the pictures of looking into the room with the double bed and of right outside our rooms. Apparently, the table is "ours" so I imagine eating there and having the boys do homework there.
The only thing I'm a little worried about is that our suite is right by the kitchen, so I'm afraid it may be a little louder than other areas of the hotel. Well, that's what earplugs are for, right?

We found out on Friday that the Guatemalan facilitator already has Miranda's new Guatemalan passport and birth certificate. These documents state her given first and middle name, but have "Herndon" as her last name! We expect that her DNA test will take place Monday or Tuesday.


Alex and Sam said...

place looks really nice.. i cant wait to hear all about your trip... COME ON PINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so thrilling!! What an exciting month you all have ahead! We have been talking about a trip to St. L this summer- now we have a specific reason to come and celebrate!! Looking forward to introducing Micah and Miranda.
The Hunters