Friday, April 11, 2008


I have been busy making so many plans! It is hard to think about much else besides getting to Guatemala and picking up Miranda!

The boys and I are going to be leaving on April 21 to fly to Guatemala. We will stay in Guatemala City for two days, then the boys and Miranda and I will drive to Antigua, where we will live for 2-3 weeks while we wait for our U.S. embassy appointment. Matt will come down sometime near the end of our stay.

Here is a link to the hotel we will be staying at:

We will have the apartment, which is two rooms and a bathroom. There is a shared kitchen where I will be able to cook lunch and dinner. Breakfast is provided.

I have talked with the assistant principal from the boys' school and we will be taking lots of schoolwork with us! This will help to fill our days, but otherwise we will just be spending time together: walking to the market and the town square, relaxing in the courtyard, visiting with other families in Antigua.

I am taking a laptop (thanks Dan and Michelle!!!), so OF COURSE I'll keep the blog updated while we are there!

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Alex and Sam said...

I cant wait to see the pictures
have a safe trip

big hugs