Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 27

We did get everything done today that I wanted to do! We walked to the town square and went to the ATM, went to Pollo Campero for lunch (the boys actually wanted Pollo Campero over Mcdonald's!) and went to the grocery store, La Bodegona this afternoon.

There is a nice couple that have moved into our hotel. They have been travelling since October and will continue to travel until the end of this year. They are driving and have been all the way north past the Arctic Circle and are now heading south. They have a blog, so once I get the address, I'll post it.

No plans yet for tomorrow. There's a park a few blocks up that we haven't tried yet, so we may do that.

Miranda is doing GREAT. She wakes up happy, eats, plays, naps, and continues the cycle again. I'm trying to keep her from taking a nap around 4-4:30ish, so she gets pretty cranky and wants to be held all the time right around 5:30 when I'm trying to make dinner. So far, the routine has been for me to put her in the high chair with some toys while I make dinner for the boys, give her a bath while they eat, clean up the dishes, put a movie on for the boys, feed Miranda around 6:30, then put Miranda down for the night. The past few nights she has gone straight to sleep, no crying at all. And then sleeps for 12 hours!! After she's in bed and the boys are watching their movie, I'll make dinner for myself, read, call Matt, and just relax. After their movie is over, the boys go to sleep and I get the computer for internet time!

A few photos from the day for you all! Keep up the comments. It really is one of the highlights of my day when I get to read all the comments on the blog!


Anonymous said...


It is so great to read the daily posts and see a bit of what you are all experiencing! Miranda is beautiful and looking more and more familliar to me with each photo. Have a great day tomorrow. Great the boys from Austin and Caleb- Micah sends a baby kiss to Miranda. :)

We are planning a trip to St. Louis in July. Hope we can connect.

Love from the Hunters

Dula said...

Sounds like quite a schedule you have.
Can you describe this chicken dish?
If the boys chose it over McD's, it must be awesome.
I love seeing new pictures every time you post. It is so great!
Love to all,
Mom/Gramma Donna

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful adventure with all of us. How great to see sunny/warm photos after coming back from our 5a.m. dog walk in 30 degree weather! Love and hugs to you all.
Aunt Dianne and Uncle Scott

One Busy Momma said...

Glad you are having a good time!!!!
It sounds like everyone is having a great time getting to know thier little sister/ daughter!!! So happy to hear she is having a smooth transistion!!!

We are going to be at Casa Serena in Zone 10 beginning Wednesday... maybe we will see you around!

Denise (PackGirl)

Anonymous said...

Greetings to my favorite people in Guatemala.
We missed you guys this past weekend. It just wasn't the same without you guys. Especially at the wineries, Michele, we really needed you there:)

Miranda and your sweet sons all look awfully cute today in your posts. I check up on you guys every day. Sending mucho love,
Allison & Lucy

D3CK5 said...


Thank you so much for openning your world up and sharing your experience. It is so surreal to read your blog... while your story is no doubt YOUR story, there's also a common thread that all adoptive families share that makes it all the same. Reading your blog is like re-living our time in Guatemala.

The way life transforms its' purpose when all you have to do is "be". The way that time and what you HAVE to do redefines itself. The way your agenda becomes filled with simplisticly wonderful events that make home seem like another world.

Our little Guate's and their country can teach us so much without ever saying a word. You living there, embracing it and just listening is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Because of this time I have no doubt that your love for Guatemala will be strong and deep... bring that back home with you because one day you will be able to speak to Miranda about where she was born with first hand recollection that is real, true and full of love for another BEAUTIFUL culture.

Thanks again for sharing, be safe and enjoy!

Los Decks
David, Julie, Lily and Miles