Friday, April 4, 2008

No news

No news from PGN. I'm not calling today, because many people have been getting unreliable information when they call PGN lately, so I'm going to try and not stress about it. Yesterday marked 6 weeks in PGN for us. I have seen families posting on the Guatemala online adoption forums who have been approved by PGN who entered at around the same time as us and even some who entered after us. I am so praying that we hear news of our approval soon...and PLEASE NO KICK-OUTS. We would so appreciate it if you could pray with us.
To help pass the time, today I worked a bit on Miranda's, taking stuff to the basement. I also did a bit of shopping for Miranda yesterday at The Children's Place. They had some cute stuff...all for less than $6.
Here are a few pics of the clothes and of Miranda's room now...all ready for Matt to get started painting!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Miranda and Maggie will match in their pink striped dresses! I just bought that for her a couple of weeks ago:)

Alex and Sam said...

the good news is that the longer you are in, the less chance for a KO.. I cant wait till you get the call that you are out for good!!!!!