Monday, April 21, 2008

In Antigua

We arrived in Antigua yesterday. Our little hotel is very quaint. We are in the back courtyard, right next to the kitchen. So far, the only other guests are an older gentleman and another adopting mom with her 17 month old daughter. She and I have bonded a bit---it is nice to have another grownup to talk to! The boys are having a great time playing outside in the courtyard. They did some homework this morning and after Miranda naps, I think Susan (the other mom) and I might venture out to the local grocery store. I bought cereal yesterday, but no milk! I also bought muffin mix that you just add water, but there aren't any muffin pans and the oven isn't marked with temperature degrees on it! Not sure what I'll be doing with those mixes...

Here are some more photos. Mom--I took a lot of these courtyard/flower shots for you. I thought you'd appreciate them. Their geraniums and salvia are CRAZY big.

Here is Mitchell in the hammock, showing off his Lego creation.

Here are the boys in our room, watching "The Empire Strikes Back" on the laptop.Here are the boys doing homework at the table right outside our room. Miranda is being entertained, just watching them.The courtyard is full of sun and flowers. It is very warm during the day when the sun is out, but gets cool at nighttime.We should hopefully be getting an e-mail from the U.S. embassy sometime today or tomorrow, which will let us know when our embassy appointment will be and when we can come home!


Alex and Sam said...

the hotel looks really nice... I'm hoping to ready later today that you are PINK!!!!!!


Dula said...

Miranda is more beautiful every time I see her (proud Gramma, huh?)
Michele, thank you so much for thinking of me when posting the beautiful flowers and plants. I agree with John that it looks like paradise there.
What a wonderful place to do your homework Mitchell and Max!
If I was there I would bribe Mitchell for use of that awesome hammock!
Enjoy every moment of your day.
Love to all,
Mom/Gramma Donna

Anonymous said...

What fun it looks like you're having! Love the pics - they're great. Sorry we missed you in Houston...hah...glad the boys got to see TX. Nasty airport...sorry. Keep the updates coming! Love, Steph (for all)